Connect API Setup

Customers who wish to take advantage of the Connect API will need to have Customer Care enable the service on their accounts.

When the API service has been enabled on your account, you'll be given access to a Client ID and a Client Secret.

You will then use your Client ID and Client Secret to request a secure access token from the API service, which you'll use to authenticate each request you make to the Connect API. Once authenticated, you will have access to all enpoints under Connect API REST Endpoints. You will not have access to the endpoints under Loner Mobile API REST Endpoints.

Connect API Return Error Codes

Please note that in the current version of the Connect API, error response bodies will have the Header Response Code value of 200.


The Connect API is based on draft 20 of the OAuth2 specification, and implements "two-legged" flow (also known as "signed fetch").

To start the authentication process, you'll need to request an authorization code .

Connect API REST Endpoints


Resource Description
GET /authorize Get an authorization code.
GET /token Get an access token.


Resource Description
GET /device Get basic information for all your devices.
GET /device/:id Get basic information for a device.
PUT /locate/:id Initiate a device location request.
GET /locate/:id Poll the device location request, and retrieve the location if successful.


Resource Description
GET /alert List all alerts
GET /alert/:id Get information about an alert.
PUT /alert/:id Modify the status of an alert.

Loner Mobile API REST Endpoints

Resource Description
GET /lonermobile/version Get the latest Loner Mobile application version information.
GET /configuration/:id Get the configuration of a device.
PUT /configuration/:id Update the configuration of a device.
PUT /device Update device information.
POST /alert Send an alert for a device.
POST /location Send a location for a device.
POST /logoff Send a log off for a device.
POST /logon Send a log on for a device.
POST /message Send a message for a device.
POST /notification Send a notification for a device.
POST /register Register a new device.
POST /status Send a status for a device.